Motor Vice South

It’s here! It’s finally here! That’s right, Motor Vice Dallas is happening March 23rd! 12pm to 4pm at BMP Tuning! This is such a unique show you can not miss especially if you love the 80s and 90s cars/music/fashion/and did I mention GOOD FUN? Motor Vice Dallas

For this event we had high hopes of bringing our Nissan D21 hardbody which is built pretty accurately to my mini truck I had at 16-18 years old (89-91) unfortunately time got the best of me and I didn’t look into a new rule about 3rd brake lamp being functional to pass inspection here in Texas, that was a fun mistake. Thinking of something easy like bulbs or a fuse did not get it working, time was up and I had to leave town for work.

So with that said we are still going! In fact we are in Dallas right now! We have given some of our TOP WAXES for the Motor Vice Crew to do as they please which most likely means raffles, awards, giveaways and other awesomely rad stuff! Also, I have turned on some hot deals at our store on these items so anyone can order whether at show or not! But wait there’s more….. those of you at the show I will have some business cards that will have a code on it for FREE SHIPPING! That’s right for the next three weeks these items and that secret code for free shipping will be active so don’t delay.

Since we did spend weeks prepping the D21 we might was well show you some pics.

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