Stancenation Texas 2018!!

Wow! A lot of updates are definitely in order!! From our participation in The Bootleggers Run to our most recent showing at Stancenation Texas! We’ve been busy and so happy about meeting all these car enthusiasts along the way!!!

I thought I would recap in reverse. Stancenation TX is up!! We just got back last night from Houston and let me tell you, even with all the rain it was a wonderful event! The organizers were super friendly and helpful, the cars entered where amazing and of course the enthusiasts were outstanding! It truly felt like everyone was having a good time! Events like these so rekindle your excitement about attending car shows again!

While we didn’t have a booth we did show our Audi R8. It did well and was great to use it as a way to break the ice and talk to people at the show. I am very much an introvert so any help/reason to make me interact with people is much needed. So I got out of my shell and was able to really enjoy the people and more importantly their cars!!! Here are some pics I took (not many but I am no photographer by any means). These really don’t do the show justice so please google Stancenation TX for more photos/videos!!!

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