Busy Weekend!

We are super excited about some upcoming Holiday Shows and to have completed the first round of bulk orders of McKenna Quinn organic fabric waxes!!

First things first, I would like to thank the folks at McKenna Quinn for reaching out to me about this wonderful and cool collaboration! We created a very high quality 100% organic fabric wax to go along with some of the items they will be selling very soon!! You will be able to purchase these waxes on their site! Please note, most fabric waxes on the market have petroleum products/byproducts in them. Our waxes are 100% organic even down to the rose fragrance we use. So be sure to keep checking their site!!! MCKENNA QUINN

And finally, we did a bunch of work for an upcoming Holiday Show Market Days Holiday Show . We have made some great gift items for that car lover in your family/friends! These items are very limited and as everything else we make, they are all organic, small batched and hand crafted.

First item is our 4oz of Holiday Cheer wax! It comes in a nice gift box with a microfiber applicator. These items look great and fit inside a large stocking!!!

Our next item is a Holiday Car Care Kit! It cones with a 2oz tin of our Holiday Cheer Wax, 8oz of our Spray detailer, 8oz of our Interior Cleaner and microfiber applicator & towel.

So enjoy the pics!!

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