New additions to our store

Well, we have finally put up a preorder for our newest Tee Shirt design. These shirts are 100% cotton made by Design Made. All shirts are soft V neck black tees with two sided printing. Front is our bear face logo and back is our flag logo.

Please note, this preorder ends 8/15/2017 and all shirts will ship by 8/25/2017. Price includes shipping. Hurry get yours today!!


Also, one of our coolest, old school styled items is now in our store! Our Organic Leather Lotion Bars!!! That’s right! As an introductory price of $9.99 you will get 3oz of our 100% organic lotion bar! This item is meant to be applied by hand… and I really mean with your hands! That’s right! Massage this into your leather interior (or sofa, bag, saddle, anything real leather) and see the amazing and nurturing results! Plus those hands of your will also be taken care of!


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