Product Development 

We are “hands on”! From wrenching to waxing we like to get our hands in the middle of everything! We have even applied wax with our bare hands!! So we were thinking of a way to take care of those who like the old school way of conditioning their leather! We developed a leather lotion bar! Not that this notion/idea is new, but there aren’t a lot of choices out there for the car guy and there’s even less that are 100% organic!! 

These bars are made from 100% organic ingredients (mainly Shea butter) and are super easy to apply. Simply apply bar to leather and massage in with your hands!! Let sit for 15-20mins and buff out with a clean microfiber towel. No gloves needed as our products are toxin free! In fact you may impress your significant other with how soft your hands become! They will be online soon! In the meantime here are some pics of the first batch!

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