How to use our wax

With the upcoming shows and the release of our new wax Faye, I thought it would be useful to give a quick overview on how to apply our wax. We will have some videos up soon enough so keep an eye out for that!
1. prep- first off we recommend to always hand apply our wax. This is an oldschool process and it really gives you the opportunity to check out the condition of your paint. With that said let’s get started! Make sure you prep your car (wash, claybar, polish, etc..). Depending on your paint’s condition you could get away with just a wash and wax. Just remember the wax is the final coating/step in this process and proper prep will really showcase your car’s beauty! Always make sure paint is cool to the touch and car is in the shade!!

2. Applying wax- Now that the prep is done, grab your favorite microfiber applicator or towel and let’s get started! Open up one of our fine waxes and use the applicator/towel to dip into the wax so that a there is a thin layer of wax on it (small section if using a towel). From there you apply to paint in a circular motion (2 inch circles). Apply in sections and re-“dip” applicator as need be. Please note a little goes a long ways!

3. Curing- Our waxes have no chemical byproducts, so the old “wait until it hazes” does NOT apply to our waxes. Our waxes are fine to remove in 10mins or even up to an hour. This is great because the “wax dust” is minimal to nonexistent. 

4. Removal/buffing- This is the fun part as you will see the results!!! Once again, we prefer to remove/buff by hand. We enjoy it and are proud to reveal each section as a piece of beautiful art. If you chose to use a buffer, please note you will use more “pads” then other commercial waxes. We use the two microfiber towel process. First towel is to remove the wax and second towel is to put the final buff. This process helps keep towels used to a minimum but I always have a few extra if need be. 

That’s pretty much it!! Grab a couple cold drinks, invite some cars friends/family and make a day of it!!

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