Enthusiasts we are!

Like mentioned in our bio, we are truly car “guys”! We love automobiles and we love to mod them!! We like to do as much work as we possibly can on them. Like you, time is always in limited supply so while our projects may take longer to complete, it’s the journey that makes it all worth it! Here’s a couple pictures of our project VW Phaeton. We needed a huge, oversized sedan and we luckily/unluckily got a great deal on this beautiful example. 

As much as we try to leave things alone, we just couldn’t get over the ride height! So after doing some maintenance and cosmetic improvements we started to tackle the suspension. These cars came with factory air ride suspension but this technology is old and more suv based than slammed extra long stance look we love! So long story short, we removed the factory shocks/airstruts and had a custom bilstein/ UAS setup made by the guys at becausebags. For the management we will be disabling the factory setup and using Airlift 3P management. Every factory air suspension component will be bypassed. Here’s some pics of our progress so far:

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